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Data Sources external data source (return JSON from a script) Dictionary Define dictionary using locals Define dictionary using variable map Merge dictionaries Functions Replace function Using count to do something based on whether a condition evaluates to true or false Ignore Changes Ignore changes using ignore_changes Lists Define list using locals Define list using variable block Loops Loop over a dictionary using for_each Loop over a list using for_each Repeat Task using Count Modules Getting Started with Modules Output Display outputs using the terraform output command Print output from resource block Print output string integer boolean variable Print output using data block provisioner Run a local command (local-exec) Run a remote command (remote-exec) Random Shuffle Random Shuffle a list Resource Block Using values returned by a resource block Terraform apply Create Update or Delete a resource using the terraform apply command terraform destroy Destroy resources using the terraform apply command terraform init Initialize Terraform using the terraform init command terraform login Log into Terraform Cloud using the terraform login command terraform logout Log out of Terraform Cloud using the terraform logout command terraform plan Show what Terraform should do using the terraform plan command terraform refresh Refresh Terraform using the terraform refresh command terraform validate Validate your Terraform syntax is correct using the terraform validate command Troubleshooting Resolve "input variable is not set" Resolve "No outputs found" Resolve "UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation" Variables Define variables in terraform.tfvars files Define variables using locals Define variables using the -var command line option Define variables using variable block Get output variables from terraform.tfstate using terraform_remote_state