How to check for garbage collection problems in Introscope (heap analysis)

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  1. In the Introscope investigator, select the Metric Browser tab.
  2. Expand SuperDomain > server_hostname > server_type > your_jvm > GC Heap.

By default, Introscope will display data for the last 8 minutes, and update about once every 30 seconds. For this analysis, you will definitely want to toggle of Live, and then select a custom range of about 1 hour. 

A complex and popular app will have more frequent garbage collection than a simple and unpopular app, so there isn't a magic interval for how often garbage collection should occur, and how many MB of objects should be removed from the heap. However, generally speak, if the app is complex and popular, garbage collection once every 10 minutes or so is probably OK, with a removal of about 100 MB of objects.


On the other hand, if garbage collection is occurring very often, and only a few MB of objects are being removed by the garbage collector, there are a few possibilites.

  • Large Footprint - An application may simply have a large footprint, meaning that the application is placing a large number of objects in the heap. In this example, the initial heap size is 512 MB, and the average heap usage is near 450 MB, meaning that the application(s) on the JVM are using about half of the heap. There is no steady incline, meaning there is not a memory leak. In this example, it may make sense to increase the maximum heap size.
  • Code Problem - There iay be a problem with the code of the Java app where objects that are no longer needed are not being let go by the app. This would require a review of the code of the Java app to determine what code may be the cause of this problem.


Analyze the heap dump

IBMs Heap Analyzer can be used to analyze a heap dump. IBMs Heap Analyzer can be installed as a tool in IBMs Support Assistant Team Server


In IBMs Heap Analzyer, select File Open, select the file, and select Open. The analysis will identify the Java classes that contain objects that are taking up heap space. In this example, the java/lang/Object class is using 27.59% of the heap.


A class is a container that contains one or more objects. In this example, there is a class called Dog that contains an object called Puppy with a value of Old Yeller. The programmer that created the application that has classes taking up heap space will need to determine if a code change can be made to the application to reduce the heap space being used by the class.

Public class Dog {
  Public static void main(String []args){
    Puppy myPuppy = new Puppy( "Old Yeller" );



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