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How to configure Diagnostic Trace in WebSphere

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In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand Troubleshooting and select Logs and trace. Select one of your WebSphere application servers (aka JVM). Select Diagnostic Trace. Options to configure the trace.log are displayed.


Select "Change log level details", and set the log level. By default, the log level will be set to *=info. Typically, adding*=all is used. Ensure to separate each log level with a colon. Restart each JVM, and then check the trace.log.


Tracing can also be configured for specific actions, such as stopping or starting a JVM. This is accomplished using the -trace option on the command line. This type of tracing will added additional details to the JVMs SystemOut.log.

~]# was_home/profiles/your_profile/bin/ server01 -trace


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