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The Gateway Migration Utility is a script that can be used to perform a number of task, such as:

  • Export a service, policy, or folder from an API Gateway
  • Import a service, policy, or folder into an API Gateway
  • View the certificates in an API Gateway


For example, let's say you have a development and production API Gateway. A service or policy could be created in the development API Gateway, and once ready for production, the service or policy could be exported from the development API Gateway and then imported into the production API Gateway.



Making a RESTman call to GET data from an API Gateway or to POST data to an API Gateway is one of the most practical uses of the GMU utility. For example, the following command can be used to view all of the certificates in the dev internal API Gateway. 

./ restman \
-trustCertificate \
–trustHostname \
-host \
-port 8443 \
-username your_username \
-plaintextPassword your_password \
-method GET \
-path '1.0/trustedCertificates'


Encoded password

In the prior examples, a cleartext password was used. For security, the password being used can be encoded using the encode password command. 

./ encodePassword –password yourPassword


The encode password command will produce a unique string of data, such as ryr45YH37v8_76vGnauf0.392RT13a2134Xxa. The unique string of data can be used as the secured password.

-password ryr45YH37v8_76vGnauf0.392RT13a2134Xxa


Argument files

The GMU commands can get quite lengthy. To reduce the length of the commands, common options can be stored in files. As an example, the files could contains common options used when making a restman call to the dev internal API Gateway.



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