FreeKB - List profiles on the command line (manageprofiles list)
IBM WebSphere - List profiles on the command line (manageprofiles list)

If you are not sure what a profile is, refer to this article.

The (Linux) or manageprofiles.bat (Windows) command with the -listProfiles option can be used to list the profiles on the system. In this example, there are two profiles, AppSrv01 and AppSrv02.

~]# ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin/ -listProfiles
[AppSrv01, AppSrv02]


By default, profiles reside at ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles, so you can just as easily list the contents of the ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles directory.

~]# ls ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles
AppSrv01 AppSrv02


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