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IBM WebSphere - Partial app update (delete multiple files)

This assumes you have read our getting started article on updating an WebSphere application. When updating an application, one of the options is to "Replace, add, or delete multiple files". 

This article describes how to delete multiple files.

  • Refer to this article to add multiple files from an application.
  • Refer to this article to update multiple files in an application.


Let's say an application has two files that you want to delete, foo.jsp and foo.class.


Let's say the application is a WAR deployed to ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles/your_profile/installedApps/your_cell/demo.ear/demo.war. In this scenario, you would create the following directories and file on your local PC.

demo.war (directory) -> META-INF (directory) -> ibm-partialapp-delete.props (file)


In the ibm-partialapp-delete.props file, you will list the files to be deleted, one on each line, like this.



Zip or .gzip compress demo.war directory on your local PC. In this scenario, the compressed file would probably be named or demo.gzip. On Linux, the view command can be used to see the structure of the zip archive.




In the WebSphere admin console, select Applications > Applications types > WebSphere enterprise applications > your app > Update > Replace, add, or delete multiple files. Select your zip archive and select Next > OK > Save.


The app does not need to be restarted for this change to take effect. Now, navigating to foo.jsp should return the following, since foo.jsp and foo.class have been deleted.


However, other resources in the application, such as index.jsp would not have been deleted.


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