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IBM WebSphere - Web server plugin (plugin-cfg.xml) - Round Robin

This assumes you have already done the following:


Round Robin

Let's say you have an application that is configured to use your IHS web server ( in this example) and two (or more) application servers in a static cluster or dynamic cluster (cluster01 in this example).


As requests come into the IHS web server, Round Robin would ensure that requests are evenly distributed to the application servers in the cluster.


In the dmgr, navigate to Servers > Server types > Web servers > your web server > Plug-in properties > Request routing. By default, Round Robin will be selected.


Likewise, the ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles/your_profile/config/cells/your_cell/nodes/your_node/servers/your_server/plugin-cfg.xml file will have the same configurations as shown in the dmgr.

  LoadBalance="Round Robin" 


multiple plugin-cfg.xml files

Be aware that there is a global plugin-cfg.xml file on the dmgr, located at:



However, the Request Routing page in the WebSphere admin console would update the server specific plugin-cfg.xml, located at:




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