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IBM WebSphere - Manually add a web server to a WebSphere deployment manager (dmgr)

Typically, you would add a web server to the deployment manager after you have installed IHS web server and the IBM web server plugin. The Installation Manager listInstalledPackages -long command can be used to determine if the IHS web server and IHS web server plugin packages are installed. Be aware that installing the web server plugin package is different from generating and propagating the web server plugin file (plugin-cfg.xml).

In the WebSphere admin console, expand Servers > Server Types, and select Web server. Select New. Select the node the web server is on. If the node is not listed, federate the node into the dmgr. Server name can be any name you want for the web server.


Select IHS and select Next.


Select the port, web server location, plug in location, and mapping. If you are not sure the Web server or plug-in installation location, the Installation Manager listInstalledPackages -long command can be used to determine the installation location.

Also, provide the admin server data. If you have not yet setup the admin server, follow the article on setting up the admin server.


Select Finish and then select Save.


By default, the configuration file will be ${WEB_INSTALL_ROOT}/conf/httpd.conf. If your web server is using some other configuration file, select the web server and update the configuration file.


You should now be able to start and stop the web server from the dmgr. In this example, the web server named is running.


You would next typically generate and then propagate the web server plugin.


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November 19th, 2019 by Damodar
Pls provide more articles on Websphere application server and Apache

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My walkthroughs pages has more articles on WebSphere and Apache => www.freek

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