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IBM MQ - display installation (dspmqinst command / mqinst.ini)

If you are not familiar with what IBM MQ (message queue) is, check out our Getting Started page. This assumes you have installed MQ server.

On Linux, the /etc/opt/mqm/mqinst.ini file contains information about each installation of MQ server. On Windows, the information is stored in the registry. Following is an example of what would be in the mqinst.ini file.



Installation name

Once the installation name has been defined, it cannot be changed. 

  • The dspmqinst command can be used to display information about an installation. By default, the first installation will have a name of "Installation1".
  • The crtmqinst command can be used to defined an installation name for for additional installations.
  • The setmqinst command can be used to update the mqinst.ini file to set an installation as the primary installation.
  • The dltmqinst command can be used to delete an installation from the mqinst.ini file.


The dspmqinst command displays information on the MQ installations, like this.


InstName:   Installation1
Identifier: 1
InstPath:   /opt/mqm
Primary:    Yes
State:      Available


Optionally, the -p option followed by the root directory of an installation or the -n option followed by the name of the installation can be used, like this.

dspmqinst -n Installation1
dspmqinst -p /opt/mqm


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