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To be able to transfer files from a client machine to an SSH server using PuTTY PSFTP, download PSFTP from  Double-click on the PSFTP.exe file, and a command line prompt will appear with message psftp: no hostname specified; use "open" to connect.  Type open, your SSH username and the IP address or domain name of your SSH server.  For example, open If your SSH server is configured properly, you should be prompted to enter your SSH password. Type your password, and you should be connected to your SSH server. You can now interact with the command line prompt using command commands, such as PWD to list the current directory and CD to change the directory.

Let's say you have a a file on your client, such as C:\\users\\username\\Downloads\\samplefile1.txt, and you want to transfer this file to /srv/samba/share on the SSH server. Use the lcd (local change directory) to change to the C:\\Users\\username\\Downloads folder on the client.

psftp > lcd C:\\Users\\username\\Downloads


Use the cd (change directory) to change the the /srv/samba/share directory on the SSH server.

psftp > cd /srv/samba/share


Use the put command to transfer the samplefile1.txt file from the client to the server.

psftp > put samplefile1.txt


Use the ls (list) command to verify that the samplefile1.txt file was successfully transferred to the server.

psftp > ls
-rw-rw-r--    1   jeremy  jeremy   0   Dec 4  19:07   samplefile1.tx


Use the exit command to disconnect from the SSH server.

psftp > exit


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