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Date and TimeDate and TimeEmailSend Email using Flask-MailSend Email using SendGridFilesRead a file in Python FlaskFlashGetting Started with Flash MessagesFlask LoginGetting Started with Flask LoginFlask Login Session DurationGET POST requestsGet keys and values from URLSubmitting a GET request to an APISubmitting a POST request to an APIGetting StartedGetting Started with Flask on LinuxGetting Started with Flask using VSCode on WindowsHTTP HeadersGET HTTP Headers using the request moduleInstallInstall uWSGI Nginx Flask on DockerJSONGetting Started with JSON and dictionaryMobileDetermine if Mobile Device using Flask-MobilityModulesImporting your own modulesmySQL / MariaDBConnect to mySQL or MariaDB using Flask-SQLAlchemySelect from mySQL or MariaDB using Flask-SQLAlchemyPortRun Flask on a specific portPython virtual environmentRunning Flask app in Python virtual environmentRoutesCatch All RouteCreating endpoints using RoutesPassing values into a routeSessionsGetting Started with SessionsSQLAlchemyGetting Started with SQLAlchemyAppend records to table using SQLAlchemyCount records in a table using SQLAlchemyCreate database using SQLAlchemyCreate table using SQLAlchemyDetermine if a database exists using SQLAlchemyDetermine if a table exists using SQLAlchemyDisplay records in a table using SQLAlchemyUpdate records in a table using SQLAlchemySSLForce HTTP to redirect to HTTPSStaticStatic FilesTemplatesDefault template files using render_templateTroubleshootingResolve "AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'query'"Resolve "AttributeError: object has no attribute 'is_active'"Resolve "The current Flask app is not registered with this 'SQLAlchemy' instance"Resolve AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'json'Resolve SQLAlchemy "instance is not bound to a session"Uploading FilesUploading filesUsername PasswordCreate secure password using generate_password_hashVerify password using check_password_hash