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IBM WebSphere - Cookie name

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You may want to first read about the difference between a session and a cookie.

There are two cookie management levels. You can set the cookie management settings at the application server level, or at the application level. The settings at the application level will take precedence over the settings at the application server level.


  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand Application > Application Types, and select Websphere enterprise applications.
  2. Select an application.
  3. Select Session management.
  4. Select Enable cookies.

Application server:

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand Server > Server Types, and select Websphere applications servers.
  2. Select an application server.
  3. Select Session management.
  4. Select Enable cookies.


The default cookie name is JSESSIONID. In this example, the cookie name is changed to be WASCOOKIE. After making this change, restart the application or restart the JVM for this change to take effect.


When pulling up an application in the JVM that is configured to create the cookie named WASCOOKIE, the WASCOOKIE will be created in the clients browsers.

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