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IBM WebSphere - Class loader viewer

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The classes in a JAR file can be made available to a Java application running in a WebSphere application server in the following ways.

  • The JAR file can be placed in the applications WEB-INF/lib folder
  • The JAR file can be placed in the application servers classpath
  • The JAR file can be placed Shared Library

Select Servers Server Types > WebSphere application servers > your application server > Class loader viewer service and select Enable service at server startup. Restart the application server for this change to take effect.


Navigating to Troubleshooting > Class loader viewer and then select the your WAR.


Expand Module - > Classpath to view the JAR files being loaded. Additionally, .class files below the "classes" directory will be loaded.


Selecting Classes will display the classes being loaded.


Likewise, if a JAR is deployed to a WebSphere application server, the classes in the JAR can also be seen at Troubleshooting > Class loader viewer, and then select the JAR file.


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