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IBM Portal - Install Cumulative Fix using

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This assumes you have already used IBM's Installation Manager to install the cumulative fix.

Refer to IBM Portal - Configuring for the steps on how to configure the workplace properties file ( so that can make a connection to Portal.

The script will open a large number of files. The recommendation is to have the open files limit set to 200,000 open files, or more. Refer to Linux Commands - ulimit to set the open files limit to 200,000 or greater. Note that the limit must be set on both the deployment manager and the node servers.

The script is used to install the cumulative fix.

/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/PortalServer/bin/ -DPortalAdminPwd=<password> -DWasPassword=<password>


If the build is successful, something like this should be displayed.

isIseries currently set to: null

     [echo] updated RegistrySynchronized in file with value: true

Return code = 0
deleting temporary files
SUCCESS: Update to Cumulative Fix completed successfully.


After a successful build, the WPVersionInfo command can be used to ensure Portal was brought up to the new version of the cumulative fix.

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