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OpenShift - List Users using the oc get users command

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If you are not familiar with the oc command, refer to OpenShift - Getting Started with the oc command.

Here is a basic illustration of how a user, group or service account get mapped to permissions.


The oc get users command can be used to list the users that have logged into OpenShift.


Users will not be listed until they have logged into OpenShift at least once.

~]# oc get users
NAME            UID                                   FULL NAME  IDENTITIES
john.doe        6b9b184a-cfea-44bf-ad62-a4a3454881cc  john.doe   htpasswd_provider:john.doe
jane.doe        5ad8f659-64ce-4c9c-9ca0-fe69521fd7f2  jane.doe   my-ldap:Y249YzA0NDIwNixvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50


Similarly, the oc list identity command can be used to list the users that exist on the system under a particular identity provider.


Identities will not be listed until they have logged into OpenShift at least once.

~]$ oc get identity
NAME                                                  IDP NAME           IDP USER NAME                               USER NAME       USER UID
htpasswd_provider:john.doe                            htpasswd_provider  john.doe                                    john.doe        6b9b184a-cfea-44bf-ad62-a4a3454881cc
my-ldap:Y249YzA0NDIwNixvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50      my-ldap            Y249YzA0NDIwNixvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50    jane.doe        5ad8f659-64ce-4c9c-9ca0-fe69521fd7f2
my-ldap:Y249YzA0NDQ2OSxvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50      my-ldap            Y249YzA0NDQ2OSxvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50    jack.doe        eb31ca82-4af7-477f-b6c7-53661b685189


The oc describe user command can be used to display more details.

~]$ oc describe user john.doe
Name:           john.doe
Created:        19 months ago
Labels:         <none>
Annotations:    <none>
Full Name:      john.doe
Identities:     htpasswd_provider:john.doe


The oc get user command with --output yaml or --output json option can also be used to display more details.

~]# oc get user jane.doe --output yaml
fullName: jane.doe
groups: null
- ldap:Y249YzA0NDIwNixvdT11c2VycyxPPVRocml2ZW50
kind: User
  creationTimestamp: "2021-10-21T01:45:35Z"
  name: jane.doe
  resourceVersion: "105181738"
  uid: 46d50eb6-2f79-4a80-b24e-b7543001ba70



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