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Getting Started with OpenSSL Convert Convert a .p12 file to a .pem file Convert a public certificate file to a PEM CSR (certificate signing request) Create CSR (certificate signing request) Display file data Display CER CRT PEM file data Display file expiration date Display PKCS12 file data Display RSA private key file hex Display SHA1 fingerprint DSA Create DSA public certificate ECDSA Create ECDSA public certificate Email Send an email on Linux Send an email on Windows Extract Extract certificate and private key from a PFX or P12 file Extract certificates from a P7B file Install Install OpenSSL on Linux Install OpenSSL on Windows PKCS12 Create a PKCS12 file Display the contents of a PKCS12 file Private key Create private key public / private key pair Create a public / private key pair How to create a public / private key pair using OpenSSL on Windows Public Private Key Pair Create PEM file that contains private key and public certificates Root Certificate Authority (CA) Create root certificate authority (CA chain) RSA Create self signed RSA public certificate s_client Test connection to an email server Test connection to host and port View SSL certificate using s_client and showcerts truststores and keystores Create a keystore using the openssl pkcs12 command Version Display Version