IBM WebSphere - Getting Started with Security Domains

A security domain is a unique set of security controls that are assigned to a cell, node, cluster, or application server, so that different cell, node, cluster, or application server can have their own, unqiue security settings. If Global Security is enabed, a security domain will override or take precedence over global security. If Global Security is not enabled, a security domain can be used to apply certain security controls to a cell, node, cluster, or application server. Security domains can be used even if Global Security is not enabled.

You must have the Administrator, Configurator, or Admin Security Manager role to be able to create/change/update/delete a Security Domain.

At a high level, these are the common steps to set up a new security domain.

  1. Create a new security domain
  2. Apply attributes to the security domain
  3. Assign the security domain to a cell, node, cluster, or application server


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