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Create a security domain in WebSphere

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Security domains are used to create a unique set of security settings for an application, server, or cluster, so that different applications, servers, or clusters can have their own, unqiue security settings. Applications, servers, or clusters not configured to use a security domain will use the global security settings.

  1. In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand Security and select Security domains.
  2. Select New.
  3. Give the security domain a name and description and select OK.
  4. Select Save.

In this example, a security domain named testingSD has been created.


Customize a security domains security attributes

  1. Select the security domain you want to customize.
  2. In the Security Attribues section, expand the attribute that you want to customize, and select your preferred setting.

Refer to this article for details on what each security attribute does. Global security will be used for the attributes that are not configured.

In this example, the Application Security attribute is changed from Enabled to Customized - Disabled.


Assign the security domain to a cell, node, cluster, or server.

  1. Select the security domain you want to customize.
  2. In the Assigned Scopes section, select the cell, node, cluster, or server you want the security domain to be applied to.

After assigning the security domain to a cell, node, cluster, or server, you will need to restart the node(s) or server(s) for the change to take effect.

In this example, the security domain is assigned to server01.

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