FreeKB - IBM WebSphere Getting Started with Global Security
IBM WebSphere - Getting Started with Global Security

Global Security is a collection of security controls. You can view and edit global security in the WebSphere web console at Security > Global security. At a high level, the following features can be controlled in Global Security.


Or, wsadmin can be used to determine if Global Security is enabled or disabled. You may want to use -conntype NONE when performing this task.

# jacl
$AdminTask isGlobalSecurityEnabled{}

# jython


Global security can be enabled or disabled.

# jacl
$AdminTask setGlobalSecurity{-enabled true}
$AdminTask setGlobalSecurity{-enabled false}

# jython
AdminTask.setGlobalSecurity('[-enabled true]')
AdminTask.setGlobalSecurity('[-enabled false]')


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