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Arrays Append values to the end of an array Getting Started with Arrays Getting Started with key value pairs Autocomplete Autocomplete user input Banner messages Banner messages Bold text Make text entered into a search engine bold built in functions Cut a string using substr Debugging using print_r Debugging using var_dump Display current user using exec whoami Escape special characters using htmlspecialchars Present Working Directory using getcwd Remove whitespace using trim, ltrim and rtrim Replace values using preg_replace Run a command using exec Split a string using preg_split Update first character of each word to upper using ucwords Update string to lower using strtolower Update string to upper using strtoupper Captcha Create a captcha Command Line Tool php --version command line tool Configuration GD module Date Time date format DOMPDF Export to a PDF using DOMPDF Files Copy a file Create a file using fopen Delete a file using unlink Export data to a CSV file read file content Replace file content Forms GET form data FPDF Export to a PDF using FPDF Wrap text in a cell when using FPDF GET and POST $_GET request $_POST request Headers HTTP Headers ($_SERVER) Set HTTP_COOKIE Header if elseif else statements Determine if a URL exists if elseif else statements Images Upload image files to a shared folder on Linux Upload image files to a volume on Docker Insert Prevent duplicate entries into MySQL Install Compile PHP as an Apache module Compile PHP from source on Linux Install memcache on Docker Install PHP FPM on Docker Install PHP PDO driver for mySQL MariaDB Install PHP-FPM on Linux Nginx and PHP FastCGI on Docker TCP port 9000 Nginx and PHP FastCGI on Docker using UNIX socket JSON Getting Started with json_decode Logs Create a separate log file for PHP Log errors to a file using error_log Loops foreach loops PDO Enable PDO driver on Docker php.ini php.ini on Docker Regular Expressions (regex) Escape aphostrophes using PDO Form data match REST API REST API Secrets Update first character to upper using ucfirst Sessions / Cookies Change the name of a PHP session cookie Create cookie Creating a Session ID using session_id Enable memcache for PHP FPM on Docker Secure web pages using sessions on Docker Secure web pages using sessions on Linux session.cookie-domain on Docker Set session during using session.gc_maxlifetime SQL database Connect to Microsoft SQL Server Connect to mySQL or MariaDB fulltext index search with MariaDB fulltext index search with Microsoft SQL Server Install the SQL Server driver in the php.ini file SQL INSERT statement in PHP SQL SELECT statement in PHP SQL UPDATE statement in PHP SSH and SCP Authenticate to an SSH server using ssh2_auth_password Authenticate to an SSH server using ssh2_auth_pubkey_file Connect to an SSH server using ssh2_connect Enable SSH for PHP FPM on Docker Issue a command using ssh2_exec SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) using SFTP (Secure FTP) Tags Implement a tags systems Troubleshooting Resolve "back button confirm form resubmission" Resolve "FastCGI sent in stderr Primary script unknown while reading response header from upstream" Resolve "ssh2_connect unable to exchange encryption keys" Resolve error "The file format and extension of example.csv don't match" Resolve move_uploaded_file not uploading file Variables Append values to a variable using .=