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Getting Started with Wireshark Configuration Add buttons Add the hostname column Add the Stream index column Mirror a switch port Show HTTP status instead of TCP segment of a reassembled PDU Email View email traffic FTP View FTP usernames and passwords HTTP HTTP and HTTPS HTTP Continuation HTTP errors View HTTP usernames and passwords IP addresses View every IP address and hostname in a capture Latency Analyze response time Determine file transfer time Determine the cause of a slow loading website Determine the cause of a web stream freezing Identify an unresponsive server Identify long round trip time Packet Analysis Understanding normal packets View the percentage of dropped packets Packet Loss Packet Loss SSH View SSH traffic SSL SSL Certificate Exchange View SSL cipher suites TCP 3 way handshake (SYN ACK) TCP receive buffer full Understanding TCP window size Troubleshooting Resolve "No interface on which the capture can be done" Resolve high number of SMB2 packets