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Authentication display a users privileges using SELECT mysql.users display a users privileges using SHOW GRANTS statement passwordless authentication Sign into mySQL or MariaDB using the mysql command Update a users privileges using the GRANT statement Backup / Restore Back up a mySQL or MariaDB database using the mysqldump command Import .sql file (mysqldump) Import .sql file on Docker using the mysqldump command Columns Add a new column to a table Change the size of a column in a table using the alert table command List the columns in a table using the show columns or describe command Remove a column using the alter table command Rename a column in a table Update the value of a column in a table Databases Create a new database use database Date and Time Date and Time Engine InnoDB ibdata file show table engine (InnoDB MyISAM) fulltext index Fulltext stop words Minimum maximum fulltext word length Fundamentals Understanding PRIMARY KEY and auto_increment Install Install MariaDB on Docker Install MariaDB on Linux Install MySQL on Linux List active connections List active connections Logs Binary Logs error log log level Purge binary logs Migration Migrate a database from SQL Server to MySQL perror command perror command Port port (3306) Regular Expressions (regex) mysqli real escape string Remote Connection Configure mySQL or MariaDB to allow remote connections on Docker Configure mySQL or MariaDB to allow remote connections on Linux Replication Display master status using the show master status command Display slave status using the show slave status command Master-Master replication on Docker Master-Slave replication Master-Slave replication on Docker Reset master using the reset master command Start slave using the start slave command Stop slave using the stop slave command Rows count rows in a table Start Stop Restart start stop and restart mySQL or MariaDB Tables Create a new table Display write access to table using flush tables with read lock Drop a table Insert a row into a table List the tables in a database using the show tables command Troubleshooting Resolve "1045 (28000): Access denied for user using password: YES" Resolve "Aborted connection to db unconnected" Resolve "Duplicate entry for key PRIMARY" Resolve "ERROR 2002 (HY000) Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket" Resolve "ERROR 2002 [HY000] Permission denied" Resolve "ERROR 2003 (HY000) Cant connect to MySQL server (110)" (connection timed out) Resolve "ERROR 2003 (HY000) Cant connect to MySQL server (111)" (connection refused) Users Create user account using the CREATE USER statement Delete user account using the DROP USER statement List users using the SELECT USERS statement Update a users password using the SET PASSWORD statement Version Determine the version of mySQL or MariaDB on Linux