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A node contains one or more JVMs and one or more applications. Starting or stopping a node will restart the JVMs and apps in the node. Nodes cannot span multiple computers.

When creating a profile, if you do not specify a node name, the node name will be the hostname of the computer followed by "Node01", such as was1Node01.

Nodes can be managed or unmanaged. By default, a node is unmanaged. A managed node is managed by a node agent or administrative agent. An unmanaged node is not. Federating a node into a deployment manager automatically creates the node agent, which results in the node being managed.


Web console

If you want to start or stop a node using a deployment manager, add the node to the deployment manager.

  1. In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand System administration > Nodeagents.
  2. Check the node agent that you want to restart, and select Restart.


Command Line

Start a node agent.

~]# /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profile/profile_name/bin/ node_name
. . .
ADMU3000I: Server nodeagent open for e-business; process id is 12345


Stop a node agent.

~]# /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/profile_name/bin/ node_name
. . .
ADMU4000I: Server nodeagent stop completed.


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