IBM Support Assistant (ISA) - Install tools into Team Server (command line)

This assumes you have IBM Installation Manager and IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Team Server installed.

When installing Support Assistant tools via the command line, IBM recommends installing from the IBM HTTP repository instead of from a local repository, as this ensures that the latest installation files are used during the install.

List the available packages. Your IBM username and password will be stored in a secure storage file, which is usually located at /var/ibm/InstallationManager/secure_storage. If you have not yet created the secure storage file, you can use the -prompt option to create the secure storage file. Or, you can manually create the secure storage file. The secure storage file will be protected by a master password. If you use the -prompt option, you will need to type in the master password. Or, you can created the master_password.txt file and store the master password in the master_password.txt.

~]# cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/
~]# ./imcl listAvailablePackages 
    -prompt or -masterPasswordFile /var/ibm/InstallationManager/master_password.txt
. . .


You can view the license before you install a tool.

In this example, the Port Checker tool is installed.

~]# ./imcl install
  -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/ISA
  -sharedResourcesDirectory /opt/IBM/IMShared
  -prompt or -masterPasswordFile /var/ibm/InstallationManager/master_password.txt


Following are the list of tools can be installed.

Tool Repository Purpose
Classloader Analzyer Analyze Java classes
FileNet Optical Storage and Retrieval Data Tool Display config and require components for connections between FileNet and optical devices
Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer Report Analyze native_stderr.logs and display tuning recommendations
Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer Tool Analyze native_stderr.logs and display tuning recommendations
Health Center Display status of Java app
Heap Analyzer Spot memory leaks
Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer (IDDE) Explorer and analyze Java dumps
Memory Analyzer Spot memory leaks
Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool Parse native_stderr.logs and display pattern analysis and heap usage
Portal Log Analyzer Analyze IBM Portal ConfigTrace.log
Processor Time Analysis Tool for Linux Analyze Linux performance logs
Profile Port Checker Spot port conflicts
Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzer Application Spot hung threads, resource conflicts, and deadlocks.
Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzer Report Spot hung threads, resource conflicts, and deadlocks.
Trace and Request Analyaer for WebSphere Application Server Details information about components, such as an app server
Web Server Plug-In Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server Spot configuration problems with web server
WebSphere Application Server Configuration Visuzalier Visualizes WebSphere application server components
WebSphere Cross Component Trace Logviewer Analyze and detect issues with the XCT logs


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