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ConfigurationAdd buttonsAdd the hostname columnAdd the Stream index columnMirror a switch portShow HTTP status instead of TCP segment of a reassembled PDUEmailView email trafficFTPView FTP usernames and passwordsHTTPHTTP and HTTPSHTTP ContinuationHTTP errorsView HTTP usernames and passwordsIP addressesView every IP address and hostname in a captureLatencyAnalyze response timeDetermine file transfer timeDetermine the cause of a slow loading websiteIdentify an unresponsive serverIdentify an unresponsive serverIdentify long round trip timePacket AnalysisUnderstanding normal packetsView the percentage of dropped packetsPacket LossPacket LossSSHView SSH trafficSSLView cipher suitesTCPCreate a TCP dump on LinuxTCP receive buffer fullUnderstanding an HTTP or HTTPS conversation and the 3 way handshakeUnderstanding TCP window sizeTroubleshootingResolve "No interface on which the capture can be done"Resolve high number of SMB2 packets