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Getting Started with WiresharkConfigurationAdd buttonsAdd the hostname columnAdd the Stream index columnMirror a switch portShow HTTP status instead of TCP segment of a reassembled PDUEmailView email trafficFTPView FTP usernames and passwordsHTTPHTTP and HTTPSHTTP ContinuationHTTP errorsView HTTP usernames and passwordsIP addressesView every IP address and hostname in a captureLatencyAnalyze response timeDetermine file transfer timeDetermine the cause of a slow loading websiteIdentify an unresponsive serverIdentify an unresponsive serverIdentify long round trip timePacket AnalysisUnderstanding normal packetsView the percentage of dropped packetsPacket LossPacket LossSSHView SSH trafficSSLView SSL cipher suitesTCP3 way handshake (SYN ACK)TCP receive buffer fullUnderstanding TCP window sizeTroubleshootingResolve "No interface on which the capture can be done"Resolve high number of SMB2 packets