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Application Deploy Deploy WAR Deploy WAR on Docker Undeploy an application Arguments Classpath ( Java Agent JAR (-javaagent JVM Arguments ( Cluster Cluster servers Context root Context root of an application Firewall Linux iptables firewall Heap Analyze and respond to a Tomcat out of memory heap dump Change heap size Create a heap dump (jmap, Install Install Tomcat on Docker Install Tomcat on Linux JDBC Install JDBC connector Logs Getting Started with Logs Metaspace Change perm gen or metaspace size Ports HTTP HTTPS AJP SHUTDOWN ports Web browser port Proxy Pass proxy pass timeout Redirection Redirect HTTP to HTTPS Sessions Session expiration (timeout) SSL Encrypt inbound requests (SSL / TLS / keystore) Encrypt outbound requests (SSL / TLS / truststore) Start Stop Restart Starting Stopping and Restarting Tomcat Troubleshooting Resolve "403 Access Denied" Resolve "Address already in use" in Tomcat Resolve "Alias name does not identify a key entry" Resolve "Can't connect securely to this page" with Tomcat Resolve "ClassNotFoundException" Resolve "Could not load" in Tomcat Resolve "Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing" Resolve "Error parsing HTTP request header" Resolve "Exception fixing docBase for context" in Tomcat Resolve "exists but is not accessible" Resolve "Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler" Resolve "keystore password was incorrect" Resolve "NoClassDefFoundError" Resolve "One or more listeners failed to start" Resolve "PKIX path building failed" Resolve "SSLHostConfig attribute certificateFile must be defined when using an SSL connector" Resolve "started a thread named JMSCCThreadPoolMaster but has failed to stop it" Resolve "the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty" Resolve "This site cant provide a secure connection" Resolve "Unable to locate Runtime version" Resolve "Unable to stop the remote JMX registry" in Tomcat Resolve "Unrecongized VM option MaxMetaspaceSize" Resolve 404 Not Found Users and Groups Create users Variables JAVA_HOME variable Version Version Release Virtual Hosts Virtual Hosts