IBM WebSphere - Web server plugin (plugin-cfg.xml) - GenPluginCfg command

The web server plugin is used to create a communication channel between IBMs IHS web server and a WebSphere application server.


This assumes you have already done the following:

Generating the web server plugin creates/updates the plugin XML file (plugin-cfg.xml).

global plugin-cfg.xml

By default, the dmgr has a global web server plugin, located at:



The|bat script without any command line options will update the global web server plugin.


You must first delete the global plugin-cfg.xml file before issuing the script. If you do not delete the global plugin-cfg.xml file, only new key:values will be added to the global plugin-cfg.xml file. Existing key:values will not be updated. By first deleting the global plugin-cfg.xml file, both new and existing key:values will get updated. 



The following output should be displayed.

*** Initiating original genplugincfg call using arg of:

IBM WebSphere Application Server, Release <version>
WebSphere Plugin Configuration Generator
Copyright IBM Corp., 1997-2012
PLGC0012I: The plug-in is generating a server plug-in configuration file using the cluster definition. your_cell.
PLGC0005I: Plug-in configuration file = ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles/your_profile/config/cells/plugin-cfg.xml


Unique plugin-cfg.xml

You can generate / re-generate a unique plugin-cfg.xml file for each web server that you have federated into your dmgr. The unique plugin-cfg.xml file will be located at located at:



The|bat is almost never used to generate / re-generate a unique plugin-cfg.xml file, as the plugin-cfg.xml can be automatically re-generated when a change is made to the master configuration file. This is configured in the dmgr at Servers > Server types > Web servers > your web server > Plug-in properties. If Automatically generate the plug-in configuration file is checked, then the plugin-cfg.xml file is already being automatically generated.


If the plugin is not automatically generated, then you can use the|bat script with the following command line options to re-generate the unique plugin-cfg.xml file.

${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin/ your_cell your_node your_web_server


After the web server plugin has been generated, you would next propagate the plugin:

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