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Generate the web server plugin in WebSphere using the GenPluginCfg command

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Generating the web server plugin creates or updates the plugin XML file (plugin-cfg.xml). The web server plugin is used to create a communication channel between IBMs IHS web server and a WebSphere application server.


This assumes you have already installed IHS web server, the IBM web server plugin, and the WebSphere Customization Toolbox. You'll also want to check and see if the web server plugin is being automatically generated and propagated. If so, it doesn't make much sense to manually generate the plugin. In the left panel of the dmgr, expand Servers > Server types > Web servers > your web server > Plug-in properties. If Automatically generate the plug-in configuration file is checked, then the plugin-cfg.xml file is already being automatically generated.


If the plugin is not automatically generated, the next thing to be aware of is that you may have a global plugin-cfg.xml file and one or more plugin-cfg.xml files for each cell, like this. If you have a global plugin-cfg.xml file, IBM recommends deleting each non-global plugin-cfg.xml file, as the file will only update the global plugin-cfg.xml file.

# global

# not global


Issue the following command to generate the web server plugin.



After the web server plugin has been generated, you would typically next propagate the plugin:

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