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AJAXCreate an AJAX search engineArraysGetting Started with ArraysGetting Started with key value pairsAppend values to the end of an array (array_push) AutocompleteAutocomplete user inputBanner messagesBanner messagesBold textMake text entered into a search engine boldBuilt in commands.= (append values to a variable)htmlspecialchars (escape special characters)preg_replace (replace values)preg_split (split a string)substr (cut a string apart)CaptchaCreate a captchaCommand Line Toolphp --version command line toolConfigurationGD moduleDate Timedate formatDOMPDFExport to a PDF using DOMPDFFilesExport data to a CSV fileread file contentReplace file contentFormsGET form dataFPDFExport to a PDF using FPDFWrap text in a cell when using FPDFif elseif else statementsif elseif else statementsImagesUpload image files to a shared folderInsertPrevent duplicate entries into MySQLInstallInstall PHP on LinuxInstall PHP PDO driver for mySQL MariaDBJSONGetting Started with json_decodeLogsCreate a separate log file for PHP Log errors to a file using error_logLoopsforeach loopsRegular Expressions (regex)Escape aphostrophes using PDOForm data matchSessions / CookiesChange the name of a PHP session cookieCreate cookieSecure web pages using sessionsSQL databaseConnect to Microsoft SQL ServerConnect to mySQL or MariaDBfulltext index search with MariaDBfulltext index search with Microsoft SQL ServerInstall the SQL Server driver in the php.ini fileSQL INSERT statement in PHPSQL SELECT statement in PHPSQL UPDATE statement in PHPTagsImplement a tags systemsTroubleshootingResolve "FastCGI sent in stderr Primary script unknown while reading response header from upstream"Resolve error "The file format and extension of example.csv don't match" Resolve move_uploaded_file not uploading filevar_dumpvar_dump