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ArraysGetting Started with ArraysGetting Started with key value pairsAppend values to the end of an arrayAutocompleteAutocomplete user inputBanner messagesBanner messagesBold textMake text entered into a search engine boldbuilt in functionsAppend values to a variable using .=Cut a string using substrDebugging using print_rDebugging using var_dumpEscape special characters using htmlspecialchars Replace values using preg_replaceSplit a string using preg_splittrim whitespace using trim, ltrim and rtrimCaptchaCreate a captchaCommand Line Toolphp --version command line toolConfigurationGD moduleDate Timedate formatDOMPDFExport to a PDF using DOMPDFFilesCopy a fileCreate a file using fopenExport data to a CSV fileread file contentReplace file contentFormsGET form dataFPDFExport to a PDF using FPDFWrap text in a cell when using FPDFGET and POST$_GET request$_POST requestHeadersHTTP Headers ($_SERVER)Set HTTP_COOKIE Headerif elseif else statementsDetermine if a URL existsif elseif else statementsImagesUpload image files to a shared folder on LinuxUpload image files to a volume on DockerInsertPrevent duplicate entries into MySQLInstallInstall memcache on DockerInstall PHP FPM on DockerInstall PHP on LinuxInstall PHP PDO driver for mySQL MariaDBLink together PHP FPM and Nginx on DockerJSONGetting Started with json_decodeLogsCreate a separate log file for PHP Log errors to a file using error_logLoopsforeach loopsPDOEnable PDO driver on Dockerphp.iniphp.ini on DockerRegular Expressions (regex)Escape aphostrophes using PDOForm data matchREST APIREST APISessions / CookiesChange the name of a PHP session cookieCreate cookieCreating a Session ID using session_idEnable memcache for PHP FPM on DockerSecure web pages using sessions on DockerSecure web pages using sessions on Linuxsession.cookie-domain on DockerSet session during using session.gc_maxlifetimeSQL databaseConnect to Microsoft SQL ServerConnect to mySQL or MariaDBfulltext index search with MariaDBfulltext index search with Microsoft SQL ServerInstall the SQL Server driver in the php.ini fileSQL INSERT statement in PHPSQL SELECT statement in PHPSQL UPDATE statement in PHPSSH and SCPAuthenticate to an SSH server using ssh2_auth_passwordAuthenticate to an SSH server using ssh2_auth_pubkey_fileConnect to an SSH server using ssh2_connectEnable SSH for PHP FPM on DockerSCP (Secure Copy Protocol)TagsImplement a tags systemsTroubleshootingResolve "back button confirm form resubmission"Resolve "FastCGI sent in stderr Primary script unknown while reading response header from upstream"Resolve "ssh2_connect unable to exchange encryption keys"Resolve error "The file format and extension of example.csv don't match" Resolve move_uploaded_file not uploading file

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