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IBM WebSphere - Front a WebSphere application server with a web server

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One way to serve a WebShere application is to have clients request the application directly from the WebSphere application server.


In this example, the client requests direct from WebSphere ( is the hostname of the WebSphere server, 9080 is the WebSphere WS_defaulthost port, and /beta is the context root of the application).


A web server can be configured to serve applications running on the application server. 


To accomplish this, you typically first want to setup the application server.


Next, install and setup the IHS web server, IHS admin server, and web server plugin (plugin-cfg.xml).


Add the IHS web server to the WebSphere network deployment manager (dmgr).

Once this is setup, the web server will be able to produce the application.


This type of configuration does add a layer of complexity, as you now may need to check both the web server and application server logs when debugging an issue. When requesting the application from the web server, the request and response should be logged in the web server access_log. In this example, there was a request from for the beta application, and the response was 200 OK. - - [30/March/2018:23:13:33 -0500] "GET /beta/ HTTP/1.1" 200 556 197728 +


If things are not working properly, IBMs Web Server Plug-in Analyzer (WSPA) for WebSphere Application Server may help you identify the issue.

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