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IBM MQ - Getting StartedAuthentication and Permissionsdisplay authinfo commanddisplay permissions using the dspmqaut command dmpmqaut commandgrant permissions using the setmqaut commandChannelalter channel commandconnect in Java Eclipse via JNDI lookup define channel commanddelete channel authoritydelete channel commanddisplay channel commanddisplay chlauth commanddisplay chstatus commandset chlauth commandstop channel commandConnnectionsdisplay connections to a queue manager display number of connections to a queue managermanually stop a connectionInstallInstall Fix PacksInstall MQ clientInstall MQ Explorer in EclipseInstall MQ server on commandprimary installation (setmqinst command / mqinst.ini)LDAPLDAPListenerdefine listener connection channeldisplay listenerdisplay listener status (display lsstatus)stop listener (endmqlsr command)LogsError LogsMessagedisplay messages in a queue using MQ Explorerdisplay messages in a queue using the amqsbcg commanddmpmqmsg - copy message to another queuedmpmqmsg - copy messages on a queue to a fileGET (remove) messages in a queue using the amqsget commandGET a JMS message in a queue in Java Eclipse JNDI lookupIBM MQ - PUT a JMS message in an IBM MQ queue in Java Eclipse - JNDI lookupPUT a JMS message in an IBM MQ queue in Java EclipsePUT a message on a queue using amqsput commandPUT a message on a queue using MQ ExplorerPUT message on remote queue using MQ ExplorerQueueadd remote queue in MQ Exploreralter qlocal commandalter qremote commandcreate local queue using MQ Explorercreate remote queuedefine qlocal commanddelete qlocal qremote qalias commandsdisplay qlocal commanddisplay qremote commanddisplay queue commandqstatus command (display queue status)runmqdlq (dead letter queue) commandSYSTEM.ADMIN.QMGR.EVENT SYSTEM.DEAD.LETTER.QUEUEQueue Managercreate queue manager using MQ Explorercreate queue manager using the crtmqm commanddisplay qmstatus commanddisplay queue manager details (display qmgr command)display queue manager using the dspmq commandSSLrunmqsc commandGetting Started with the runmqsc commandStart Stop Restartstart queue manager using the strmqm commandstart stop restart MQ manager in Linuxstop queue manager using the endmqm commandTopicdisplay topic commanddisplay tpstatus commandTroubleshootingResolve "AMQ5530E: Error from LDAP authentication and authorization service"Resolve "AMQ8077W: Entity has insufficient authority to access object"Resolve "AMQ9511E Messages cannot be put to a queue The attempt to put messages to queue on queue manager failed with reason code 2009"Resolve "JMSWMQ0018: Failed to connect to queue manager"Resolve "JMSWMQ2013: The security authentication was not valid"Resolve JMSCMQ0001 MQCC_FAILED MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED